Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Some Examples:

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Time to make way for new inventory coming in the near future.
Everything has been discounted, offers also accepted! 
Everything must go!

Some featured items:

Pure Copper Fold Form Bangle Cuff

Hand Etched Vintage Trade Bead Copper Bracelet

Handmade Stained Glass Statement Necklace

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Saturday, November 8, 2014


This rustic ceramic pendant necklace I have made from five stoneware ceramic beads; fired to approximately 2200 degrees. Combined with vintage handmade African trade beads, colored glass beads, and genuine cow hide leather cord. The cord has been knot tied so that it is adjustable.

I have left the ceramic beads their natural earthy clay color, with a smooth finish.

Longest length of tied cord is 11", or 22" circumference around the neck not including the pendant; just enough to slip over your head loosely.

Pendant is 4.1/2" long.

See more here: www.cheldena.etsy.com

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Catching up with inventory slightly. Here's a sample!

Hand painted fine Porcelain, for your artisan creations.
I accent my clay with vintage African trade beads strung on organic hemp.

You will find in my supply shop a variety of ceramic pendants, beads, and connectors. 
Displayed and sold on my new exclusive tassels!
Just slip one or more on some hemp or leather and you have created an artistic statement necklace!
Or keep them displayed before use in a special spot.

Custom requests are welcome!

For ceramic artwear visit my Cheldena Artwear shop

Here's a simple ceramic bell adjustable necklace on organic hemp, with vintage trade beads.

Just a light touch for on the go!

Check out all of my new creations!

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Pure Copper Fold Form Bangle Cuff - Fire Painted - Toad Skin and Feathered Textures with Hammered Ruffle 

See more photos here: www.cheldena.etsy.com

Pure Copper Fold Form Bangle Cuff

Pure lead free copper has been cut to form this bangle cuff.
Formed and hammered to reflect artistic textures that resemble toad skin, and feathers; with 8 divisions or spaces.
The outer edges have been ruffle hammered to give it a more finished, and natural appearance.

Handmade Ceramic Glazed Hot Tamales Set of Five Findings

See more about them here

In my supply shop you will find ceramics made from fine Porcelain, various kinds of Stoneware, Red clay, and specialty hand formulated clays.
Watch for a variety of decorative options for your craft and jewelry making! 
Many items are on sale in both of my shops:

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

for your beautiful creations!
Now you can get more for your money on all new but recycled Sari Silk ribbon.
Four yards for $3.00!
Plus, with every order of 4 mini skeins of silk you receive one mini skein weekly special free!
Here's an example of the beautiful silky colors you have to choose from on the many pages in my supply shop.

Artwear Elements also offers you hand oxidized lead free wire in many gauges!

Hang your handmade beads on silk or wire to resell, or for your art creations. 
There's so many things you can do with these.
Please contact me if you have any questions.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014


Things have been slow getting started with my ceramic goals as I have been dealing with a family emergency. However, my ceramic supplies are eventually coming!
I have added a potters loft as an adjunct to my Metalsmith shop.

I have off and on been trying out many interesting clays and it is exciting to get them ready for my first firing!
Till then check out my shops and please follow me!
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Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Copper Pallet Series! 

Hand cut pure copper has been formed for these hand painted 
bangles with matching earrings.
Many steps are taken before these are finally completed with many layers of smooth matte finish.
Vintage distressed pallet resembles old weathered vintage paint, crackled and filled with history.


Pond: Turquoise Blues
Lagoon: Dark Green, Blue Greens, Grays (shown)
Midnight Sky: Dark Blue hues
Burst:Bright bursts of multicolored Red hues
Earth: Natural neutral earth tones
White Wash: Various muted colors with rustic white wash. 
Special Notice

Artwear Elementshas been in the process of adding a small potters loft to the studio.
Cheldena will be offering hand thrown artwear elelments for your 
creations in the near future!

Check out what else is happening!
New prices on all new recycled sari silk ribbon! 
Get them while you can as they are exclusive colors. 
Once the stock is gone another lot is usually unavailable. 

New handmade wood drop spindles, and beautiful roving have been added!

Regular sales and discounts!