Thursday, November 7, 2013


These pictures below are my first etchings in the process of making a pair of earrings. The plan is to stained glass with them but I am presently undecided.
I have etched a real leaf on pure copper sheets which are approximately 2” long by 1” wide.
In the photos you see one that has not been oxidized yet; you only see the pure copper. 
The other has been oxidized and steel wooled to bring out the raised etching; then polished with a professional Jewelers wax.

I had a pleasant surprise after the etching process was finished along the outer edge of the copper; which displays a beautiful texture that was not there at first. So it made it’s own decorative frame during the process. (See the 2rd photo below)

The ideas I have are endless and can’t wait to make more; I am addicted! I also plan to eventually make  unique jewelry components in my shop… 

Watch also for new handmade clay components added to my Artwear Elements shop in the near future!

Till next time, all the best!

The detail of the leaf etchings below look smaller and more intricate in person.

Before & after oxidation:

Oxidized with decorative natural etched frame:

Finished; which is not as red but camera and lighting are picking up the warmer hues today:

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