Saturday, April 30, 2016

NEW WEBSITES! will have many of the same creations as her etsy shop. However, most new creations will be listed on her .com
All coupons and special announcements will be the same as on etsy so you won't miss out on any deals.

My supply shop; will be the same; where similar items will be listed as on etsy including coupons and announcements. However, larger quantities as they become available on my .com, including new and different items that will not be on etsy.

Artwear Elements™ has a continuous NEW, gorgeous supply of silks, and spectacular hand-spun 100% silk bulk weight Art Yarn; at wholesale prices! Rise above your competition with Limited Specialty Fair Trade Sari Silk Ribbon at wholesale prices!

$3.50 for 5 yards!

Artwear Elements™ offers a huge supply of various hand oxidized gauge dead soft wire from pure Copper, Brass, and black annealed Steel. Such as this 24ga for only $4.75 per 100 feet!

Excellent for wrapping bangles.

3.5 Pounds 16 ga black annealed Steel wire for $12.50!
Excellent for bangle forms.

Another NEW item is 100% Silk Specialty Bulk Weight Art Spun Yarn at wholesale prices!
Here's one example of a 100gram skein.

Artwear Elements™ offers EXCLUSIVE
'Primitive Art Shell Casings!
Just what the Doctor ordered! Primitive, Yummy, Crusty, Colorful, Artsy, Mixed Shell Casings for your tassels and other creations, sealed. 

Quality Brass casings which I do not paint; these are all hand patinated.

As always coupons, and gifts are always offered out of appreciation for your business!
Thank you for your support!

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